As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we are continuously engaged in various socio-economic activities. Some of our supporting organizations in this area are as under:

Vishvas Foundation - http://www.vishvas.info/

The Leprosy Mission Trust of India - https://www.leprosymission.in/

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, India - https://www.petaindia.com/

World Wildlife Fund of Nature, India - https://www.wwfindia.org/

Child Rights and You - https://www.cry.org/

The Art of Living - https://www.artofliving.org/

Ekal Vidyalya - https://www.ekal.org/in

Vanvasi Raksha Parivar Foundation - http://www.shss.org/

Indian Society of Management Accountants - http://www.cmaonline.in/

Young Entrepreneurs Network - http://www.yenonline.org/