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Navigating Real Estate to The Next Level

The infrastructure and real estate sectors present enormous opportunities, but they also come with their fair share of challenges. The ever-growing need for compliance, intensifying competition, and various complexities in project execution pose obstacles that need to be overcome. These challenges include delays in obtaining statutory approvals and clearances, complications in land acquisition, contract disputes, funding shortages, inadequate project management skills, and insufficient financial planning and controls. Due to these challenges, projects get stuck leading to cost and time overruns and later become unviable. At IREcfo, we help you effectively and efficiently overcome these challenges

We offer a wide range of real estate consulting services under one roof. We specialize in various areas including RERA, IBC, Project Funding, Joint Ventures and Collaborations, Resolution of Stuck Projects, Realty Analytics, Monetisation of Real Estate, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and more.

We enable the adoption of cutting-edge emerging technologies such as Digitization, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Tokenization, and Blockchain etc. By leveraging these innovations, we empower you to explore and embrace new growth opportunities in your business. Our comprehensive solutions help you unlock the full potential of these emerging technologies, revolutionizing the way you operate and opening doors to unprecedented possibilities.

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